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Meet Robby the C-130!
Robby is a military child’s icon for all that is brave and proud to be American. Robby will take you on a short journey through his life as a C-130 and the adventures of deployments. He will show you what he does during deployments, the importance of this beloved aircraft, and the understanding of a military soldier’s job that touch the hearts and homes of many. Let Robby enter your homes and your hearts to help befriend your child while Daddy or Mommy is away. Robby can relate to everything a child goes through when a loved one is deployed or on extended duty. He can become the interpreter for a child’s emotional distress and his/her comforting icon.



Robby the C-130 Goes to Hawaii
Aloha! Our favorite C-130 is at it again. This time Robby the C-130 takes a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii! Come join Robby on this trip through tropical paradise. You will discover all the islands and exciting things to do. You will also learn the history and culture of Hawaii, the USS Arizona, and Robby’s military cousins.


Robby the C-130 Goes to Germany
Our favorite C-130 takes a trip to Ramstein AFB, Germany and shares the many experiences of a temporary duty assignment (TDY). Join Robby the C-130 on his trip around the globe and learn a little more about this fantastic country. We also introduce two new C-130J models, his little sister Rachel, and his little brother Alex.


Coming 2017!  Robby the C-130 Operation Gift Drop


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